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Friday or Saturday Night

Enjoy an evening and morning sauna after your week with our overnight rental. Perfect for settling into the slower pace of the weekend  & relish in the relaxation it brings… trust me, you deserve it.


Perfect for larger events. Out of town guests, Girls/Guys weekends, split it between neighbor. Or heck, just enjoy it all to yourself for a private, extra long retreat!

Add Monday

If you’re thinking about buying or installing a sauna at your home, this is your option. See how good life can be with sauna in your life.


Please use the contact page for pricing & availability.


Is it a dry or wet sauna?2022-08-23T17:46:38-05:00
It starts as a dry heat and then as water is thrown on the rocks, light steam is produced. Essential oils can be added to the water and are included in your rental. Before throwing water on the rocks it is customary to ask others if they are ready for steam.
How hot do I make the sauna?2022-08-23T17:40:05-05:00
Research has shown to receive the full benefits, temperatures should be between 160-200 degrees. But if you are new to sauna, a lower temperature that you feel comfortable in is recommended.
How long do I stay in a sauna?2022-08-23T17:38:49-05:00
 The authentic practice is typically 3 rounds of approximately 12-15 minutes each. But we ask that you listen to your body and leave the hot room whenever you feel the need. In between rounds you cool off outside for approximately 5 minutes.  Winter air, cold water splashed on skin and the best is a roll in the snow when available!   This is known as a thermal cycle – Hot, cold, rest, rehydrate, repeat.
What are drop-off and pick-up times?2022-08-23T17:37:49-05:00
We will coordinate convenient times for you, but will aim to have it to you around noon on the 1st day of your rental. Pick up time will be early afternoon on the final day of your rental. Also a convenient time will be agreed upon for picking up.
Does the sauna have any lighting or is power needed?2022-08-23T17:37:03-05:00

Yes, there are solar powered interior dimming lights for the hot room, a light for the front entry room and a small exterior light. Also, 2 USB charging stations.

How does a wood fired sauna stove work?2022-08-23T17:36:11-05:00

Same procedure as starting a fire with newspaper, kindling and adding bigger pieces as it grows. In-person instructions will also be given at drop-off.

What do I have to do for setting it up?2022-08-23T17:34:52-05:00

Nothing! We will position it to your desired location, lower the sauna to ground level & make sure you have enough wood for your rental session.

How big of a space do I need?2022-08-23T17:32:16-05:00

The sauna footprint is 7’Wx17’Lx11’H (including the tow hitch on the front) and will need a few feet on each side for clearance.

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